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How do I buy and sell products on vendi

Why is vendi a different kind of marketplace?

What can I list on vendi?

What conditions should my product meet to be listed?

How do I pay?

Why should I rate the seller and how?

What should I do if I have a problem?

How will my product be delivered?

Does vendi have any fees?

How to place a request?

What happens if I don’t receive a receipt?

How does vendi grade phones?

Warranty details (30-days money back)

How to verify your account?

Do all phones come with accessories?

How are users verifed?

Is vendi safe?

Can I pay by cash?

Can I see the phone before I purchase it?

What happens if a device does not pass verification?

Does the device come with any warranty?

How long will it take to deliver my item?

What are the sellers’ fees?

Can I set my own prices?

How do I sell on vendi?

What are the steps after a sale has been completed?

What happens if product verification fails?

How do I get paid?

What happens when I sell my phone?

How do I swap/trade in with vendi?