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…and learn how to get the best iPhone for just £240 At vendi, we strive to provide the safest way to buy and sell electronic devices with the advantage of giving YOU a way to get the most value when buying and selling. In today’s blog, we wanted to tap into the economics of phone pricing and show you the hacks on how to find the best deals in the short and long term. We will also touch on the best way to plan to buy your next device and sell your previous device in a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace. Why...

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You may be aware of all the environmental benefits that recycling, saving electricity and reducing your meat consumption triggers. But are you aware that there are many more ways to save the environment?​To celebrate World Environmental Day, we wanted to share even more ways you can be more environmentally-conscious with some unconventional ways of being more nature-kind. Along with the karma points, you are not only saving the environment but also your wallet. And what's not to love about that?​Here are 7 other ways to take better care of our planet:​​Use an environmentally conscious search engine: Surprised already? Well, we are! Ecosia is...

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Working from home; While some have done it regularly, others are facing this for the first time, leading to the question “How do I work effectively?”. Blending your personal space with office hours can be challenging, especially when having limited time for face-to face colleague interaction. Nagging children in the background, a barking dog fighting for your attention…So many distractions! Times have certainly changed for some of us, and we are happy to provide you a list of gadgets to give you that much needed zen. Here are our top 7 work from home gadgets: Headphones: While you can't send your...

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