Here are 4 ways you can earn a few extra £££££ to put towards a very fun post-lockdown summer!

As the excitement settles in for lockdown rules to end on June 21st in the UK , we have seen Concert and Festival line ups all across the continent. Beach holidays are looking like a possibility again ( excited emojis ); let’s get you some ideas to earn some extra money so you don’t miss out on the fun!

1. Sell Your Unused Gadgets: 

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We all love upgrading to new devices when a new release drops or simply when you are just bored of using the same stuff. Handing down the older devices to your favourite sibling or leaving it in a drawer to catch dust and become a relic is our usual option. 

This is a great time to consider our favourite suggestion; sell those unwanted devices! Give them a new loved home and make some cash. Here at vendi we make this process secure and risk-free. Simply get a quote and get payed in 24 hours!


2.Rent Your Gadgets:

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Okay so perhaps you are not quite ready to permanently depart from your gadgets. You are not ready to sell them. That is okay because you can still earn income from a gadget you don’t use, but are not ready to sell just yet. FatLlama has created a platform where you can quickly list any electronics and rent it out to others who need it at the moment. 

So that camera you bought to capture memories on holidays that you haven’t used in months, list it on the website and someone could rent it out and pay you to use it weekly. It will safely be returned to you at the end of the rental period. This platform is not only limited to mobile phones, tablets or cameras but also includes musical instruments, DJ equipment, sewing machines and a plethora of other equipment you probably have lying around the house. So have a look through your unused equipment and get to renting them for some extra summer money. 


3.Turn Unwanted Clothes into Cash:

Remember that expensive dress that you only wore once at a birthday dinner? The bridesmaid dress that you cannot possibly wear to any other event? We all have those clothing items bought impulsively when we were exploring our inner fashionista, that simply does not make sense to us now. 

Now is a great time to spring clean your wardrobe and sell your second hand clothes for cash. Vinted makes selling your unwanted clothes easy peasy. With an easy listing process, prepaid shipping label and no selling fees you can create some space in your wardrobe and earn extra money for summer festivities. 


4. Take up Dog Walking:

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We all love our furry friends and daily walks keep them happy. With the ease of Lockdown, people will be extremely busy as we start heading back to working in offices. If you are still working from home, you can use this extra time and convenience to your advantage. This is a great opportunity to offer dog walking services to your neighbours with fur babies. With this, you get to tailor your rate to you and enjoy the lovely British summer outdoors while earning extra income. Platforms like Dog Buddy make it easy to access a database of people who need the extra help getting their pets their much needed walk, conveniently sign up and get to earning. 


Every little penny counts towards your saving goals for an amazing summer. We are all looking forward to making it up for the summer we lost last year during the height of the pandemic; so we hope that this list of methods we have tested helps you earn that extra money. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more tips and download the vendi app to get rid of those unwanted gadgets risk-free.

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