So, you have seen talks about climate change, global warming and our increasing carbon footprint everywhere. And you have been wondering about how you, one single person, can aid in making sure that there is a liveable earth for our future generations. Congratulations, you have taken the first step by reading this post and educating yourself. 

vendi was founded with the principle of sustainability at heart, so we know a thing or two…. or.. four about sustaining the planet. 

Saving the environment is a collective effort and no person’s effort is too small, so here are 4 practices YOU can adopt in your daily lives today that will impact our environment positively.

The mantra is “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. Put your capes on, let’s get to saving!


We are kicking it off with a mundane act that most people practice daily which unintentionally harms our planet. Aside from the obvious fact that there are millions of people suffering from hunger, wasting food is a very bad idea. In 2020 the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) reported that about £14bn worth of food was wasted in the UK. Food waste and loss causes about 10% of the emissions driving the climate emergency, and intensive farming is a key cause of the biodiversity crisis and global pollution. 

The next time you think about getting rid of your leftovers, remember the pillaging, chemicals used and greenhouse gasses produced for the production of that food. It is a good practice to repurpose ingredients you have at home for meals and always finish your plate.

Too Good To Go is a brilliant App that allows you to purchase leftover,excellent condition food from restaurants that would've gone to the trash otherwise at a fixed and cheaper price. 


Did you know that simply walking or cycling to your destinations is a simple way to play your part in saving the environment? Plus you get some very good health benefits from the exercise! 

In the UK, transport systems such as cars, busses, trains and flights are the most polluting sector; with flights contributing to the most carbon emissions out of the bunch. 

Whenever you have to get from point A to point B, walk the distance, get a bicycle or choose the transportation modes that emit the least gasses. So instead of a flight to Paris or Italy, why not get a train? 


We are always on the hunt for new devices; the average person switches out their mobile phone every 2 years. Our rapid consumption of devices raises the demand for production; where we now see companies like Apple releasing a range of phones every year.  This is an environmental disaster as building every phone requires pillaging the earth for rare and irreplaceable elements like gold, cobalt or lithium. Since around 80% of each device’s carbon footprint is generated during the manufacturing process, we have to reduce the demand for new phones to be manufactured. 

A brilliant way to tackle this is by recycling your phone and buying second-hand phones from your peers. You could recycle your old phone by selling it on vendi.


Textile waste is a pollution issue affecting our environment. Fast fashion in addition to luxury fashion uses production means that releases greenhouse gasses, dye and microfibres into our oceans and local waterways; affecting marine life. The more the supply, the more the damage. 

We change our wardrobe regularly, some according to the seasons, some to keep up with trends and some for every event! You can still keep your fashion on point while sustaining the environment. Donating old unused clothes to charity will ensure that they get reused and if you would like to earn something in exchange, selling your old clothes is a great form of recycling. Vinted is an easy to use platform that allows you to sell your clothes, fuss free. Thrifting and purchasing from charity shops will not only save you some money and give you impeccable unique style, but you also get to give a clothing item another life and save the environment!

We hope that these 4 practical steps have given you an insight into how you can slowly but surely start living a more sustainable lifestyle, for the environment. For all your gadget trading needs, vendi is here to help. Download our app on the app store or Play store and join the peer-peer marketplace sustainable approach to tech consumption!

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