A Level Results: Which Phone Are You?

We’ve selected a couple of the latest phones to match some of the subjects you might be doing at university! Make sure to pick up a phone that matches your needs – and most of all, matches your academic interests.

Maths: Samsung Galaxy Fold

The subject you probably should have done, because it's ‘got better specs’ and ‘has a longer battery life’. But you didn’t because you care about looking sleek, and at this point you don’t want to abandon your iPhone routes!

Maths A level vendi

English: iPhone 11 Pro

You’ve loved english since you were young. It’s easy, fun and has long been your favourite subject. Who cares about usefulness in the workplace, and what even are job prospects? This affair has been going on far too long to be stopped now.

Mandarin: Huawei P40 Pro

华为万岁 You’re a shill for the chinese media – but, who cares? You’ve got the greatest job prospects, got a phone that can zoom in a million times and you can talk about people behind their back. Although you’re looking at the Pixel’s auto translating headphones with a little envy right now…

Fine Art: Google Pixel 4

Look, we know you’re different. You’ve got a curated instagram, you’ve painted your converse and you’re always carrying around those massive art folders. You don’t really care about the size of your phone – you want that beautiful camera and that beautiful coloured power button!

History: Nokia 3310

Still rocking the same phone your dad did in the early 80s. It’s basically invincible at this point – but you need to find an ancient tome to figure out how to use it. Said to have been used to create viking shields back in Finland, it’s now just shielding you from the monotony of smartphone obsession.

History a level vendi

Physical Education: Sony Xperia 1 II

Pretending to be a real subject, everyone knows that you just like playing football more than you like taking notes. Just like everybody knows you got this phone because you want to sit it on top of your Dualshock 4 and play FIFA.

Geography: Motorola Razr

Rugged and stuck in your ways – you’ll be perpetually clamouring for a return of the flip phone – completely at odds to modern thinking. While others worry about their screens and buy cases worth more than your phone, you throw caution to the wind!

In all seriousness though, good luck to everyone getting their results today. It has not been an easy few months, so hats off to you all!

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