How does vendi verify devices?

A defining and unique add value of vendi’s marketplace is that we verify all phones bought and sold on the platform. Once a phone is…

How does vendi verify devices?

A defining and unique feature of vendi’s marketplace is that we verify all phones bought and sold on the platform. Once a phone is bought, instead of it going straight to the end buyer, it goes to the vendi verification network first where it embarks on a secure three-part verification process.

Why verify phones?

Currently, the weakest point with person-to-person marketplaces is that there is a lack of trust and no quality-check with products being bought and sold on these platforms. This means as a buyer there is no certainty that you’ll receive the product that you thought you were buying according to the listing description and images seen. This has led to many buyers pushing to meet the seller and their product so they can check the quality before purchasing the item. However, there are many inconveniences with meeting sellers face to face as discussed in this previous article.

At vendi, we’ve been able to solve this issue by adding a verification network onto our platform. Once a phone is bought, the phone goes through our secure verification process before it is delivered to the final buyer.

The verification process

Step 1: IMEI, Warranty and Network Lock check

Before a phone reaches the network, we use the IMEI on the phone to check warranty, network lock inspection, and matching characteristics from the listing. We initially investigate the IMEI of the device and check that it has not been blacklisted. This check also ensures that the phone has not been blocked by the police or tried to be claimed on a warranty. To look at IMEI scams, head to our previous article.

If the phone is still under warranty, we make sure that this matches with what the seller has put as the intended warranty.

Finally, we look at the network lock status of the phone. Has the phones network lock status been accurately described in the listing?

If all these checks are passed, the seller can leave the phone is a verification point where the next checks will be done.

Step 2: Image to reality congruence

The second step, once the phone is received, is a generic aesthetic test where vendi looks at if the product matches the images on the vendi platform. If there are any scratches or visual flaws with the phone, vendi ensures that this is clearly stated in the description panel within the listing. vendi also has experts on hand to ensure that the phone is not a counterfeit or ‘fake’ phone.

Step 3: Hardware and Software Check

Our final and most rigorous check of the phone is a hardware and software check of the phone. This looks at the mechanics of the phone and ensures that all elements are in full working order. It is this final check where we really ensure that there are no broken phones bought or sold on the platform.

Buying and selling on vendi

At vendi, we strive for quality and excellence which is why we have put this verification process in place. We hope to put off scammers and help users buy and sell more safely and securely. To find out more about vendi and how we work, head to our website at

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