This is the #1 cleaning spot on your mobile you are missing

We have all heard it; wash your hands for 20 seconds, don’t go outside and make sure you regularly clean your surfaces before eating. Our phone is no exception.

It's thought that on average we touch our phone around 2,400 times a day!

Every time you touch it you are adding even more germs to your device and facilitating a one gazillion bacteria-party! What a disgusting turn of events!

On top of that, we have the coronavirus wanting to attend, and it is interesting to point out how long it lives on different surfaces. Looking at the diagram below, it is striking to see how the virus can last up to 3-4 days on plastic and glass. This makes it an even better reason to clean your phone, as most people are likely to have a plastic phone case wrapped around their device and consistently touch their glass screen throughout the day.

At vendi we ensure that the phones are always in perfect condition, and given the exceptional times, we have taken the cleaning process to the next level.

Here are the 5 steps we are happy to present you on how you too can make sure your phone is clean, pretty and germ-free:

Before you even begin cleaning your phone, wash your hands for 20 secs. Sorry, but we cannot hear it enough, can we? We need to be sure our hands are all clean before actually touching our device. So go do those 20 secs to make this device-cleansing as efficient as possible.

Turn off your phone: It’s all about external cleaning, not internal. You also don’t want to risk accidentally calling someone or deleting something important.

Accessories off: For a proper clean, that phone case has to be cleaned too! Because you don’t shower with your sunglasses and caps on do you? If you do, please stop. Just stop. Clean your accessories (headphones/ cases) separately to the phone!

Use the appropriate Cleaning spray: The oleophobic cover of the phone (the smoothness you feel on your screen) that prevents any scratches, is worth protecting and using more than the recommended % of alcohol in your liquid wipe can damage your device. This is because it will slowly peel off the protective layer, so do ensure you have the right cleaning spray. Apple advises you to use a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox disinfecting wipes. We recommend Whoosh- it’s a complete little toolkit that you can take anywhere, always making you equipped with the best phone-hygiene. If you are afraid of damaging your screen, you can always order some screen protectors from online stores such as JETECH and Mobilefun.

Use a Microfiber cloth. It is an effective fabric that will wipe off those bacterias without damaging your screen. Simply spray some cleaning liquid and rub it on your device. To give your screen a smooth finish, dry it out with the dry side of the cloth.

Bring out the secret weapon: Although your smartphone should be quite clean now, there are some tricky corners and spots you should be targeting with a smaller tool. The q-tip is great to use around your device, allowing you to access every nook-and-cranny on your phone. From the headphone port to the charging port, these crevices are very susceptible to hoarding dust, dirt and germs, and you could be missing them at the moment.

We are going to have to face it and succumb to the fact that we will need to begin cleaning our phone as often as possible. The amount of times we touch our phones after being in contact with several surfaces is countless, let alone the number of germs that accumulate on our device..​

This means we need to clean it thoroughly with pre-washed hands before turning the phone off and taking off all phone accessories, spraying the right alcoholic liquid on a microfiber cloth and then finishing off any corners and spots with a q-tip. Being prepared to properly clean your device more often than usual does not hurt, and it's nice to read on a clean screen anyway, right?

We love being safe, especially at vendi and that is why we will ensure that you will always get the best, most affordable and cleanest devices possible.​ Speak with us in the app now and we will help you out finding your next device!

Take care and stay safe!
(and clean 😉)

The vendi team

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