Top 7 Work From Home gadgets: No. 6 and 7 will blow your mind!

Working from home; While some have done it regularly, others are facing this for the first time, leading to the question “How do I work effectively?”.

Blending your personal space with office hours can be challenging, especially when having limited time for face-to face colleague interaction. Nagging children in the background, a barking dog fighting for your attention…So many distractions! Times have certainly changed for some of us, and we are happy to provide you a list of gadgets to give you that much needed zen.

Here are our top 7 work from home gadgets:

Headphones: While you can't send your children away to boarding school right away, you can cancel out their noises by plugging in. For less than £250 in our app, you can enjoy great sound thanks to Apple Airpods Pro. If you like listening to music during work hours, check out this playlist while you’re at it!

Exercise ball: Compared to a regular chair, it is much better for your back as you engage your core more. For the record, it’s also super fun to jump on! (You know it’s true). Find your “office ball” here.

Laptop stand: Sitting by a desk can be draining and we shouldn't underestimate the effect of the micro-movements that shape our posture. Remembering to keep straight while you work, can be hard. That’s why we recommend you get yourself a flexible laptop stand that saves you from these issues! Wayfair has numerous available, but for a low budget and immediate fix, you can also use books stacked up as high as you need.

Spinning bike with laptop stand: Taking breaks is essential and applies in the same manner when working from home. But what if you could work and have a break at the same time? This spinning bike from Sports Tech allows you to work out while working on your computer! Pretty cool, huh?

Cooling fan: It’s mid May already and the heatwaves are on their way. While a fan in the office can cause passive-aggressive temperature-sensitive colleagues (you know exactly who we are talking about!!), working from home gives you the control to turn that fan on and off whenever you like. Being comfortable working is the basis for every productive person, so get yourself a fan from Ikohs that keeps you cool this summer!

So far we have spoken about quite conventional gadgets to improve your working day. Now, let’s cut to the chase and look at the real deals… If you want to level up your home office the following items are only for the advanced who love innovation and would like to try out new things.

So welcome to the future and let us present to you…

Altwork Station Mechanical Desk: A miniature spaceship to higher productivity and consciousness or not, this badass of a desk is certainly taking your work office to the next level. Look at how it bends and folds, giving you the perfect position every time! With its adjustable seat and desk, you are able to get some REAL work done. We applaud the innovators of this product and we are curious whether you find this relevant for you or not, regardless of your budget!

Get it from £750 at The Gadget Flow.

Brain stimulator: Say hello to the future! As a supplement for caffeine, sugar and other performance enhancers, this device stimulates your brain through mild electrical current. Pseudo-science or not, we are on your side if you feel too self conscious about wearing this publicly. Now that you are home however, it might be worth a try?! And to really get your work going: Imagine you use this desk and the brain stimulator together! You will be on FIRE! It would just be embarrassing if you didn’t!

There you have it. Our little list of what we find the best gadgets for working from home are. We at vendi certainly have our favourites, and hopefully we might have encouraged you to find some new ones too!

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