vendi has upgraded!

We are taking things up a notch as the peer-to-peer marketplace you already love!

When we started this journey, our aim was to provide a marketplace where people can transact with each other with instant trust, in the absence of scammers. We still believe in providing that and as our user base has grown thanks to you, we have learnt and evolved too - so we’re upgrading the peer-to-peer marketplace experience we give you!

We are an innovative platform that champions trading between people without any inconveniences on your time, security and money at any point of your transaction. This is something we have evolved to ensure that transacting on vendi still remains safe and hassle-free. 

To enhance this experience further, we are implementing some upgrades: Starting from a refreshed app design, to more sustainable packaging, and an increased and continuous transaction protection. We’ve invested in having our users fully covered better than ever!

To increase the confidence of our buyers we are adopting an even more rigorous product authentication approach that surpasses the existing standards!

We’ve always prided ourselves in providing our customers with the peace of mind that they are receiving authentic, high quality pre-owned products. So we have decided to improve features such as our previous 30-point verification system, by making it even more thorough with an 80-point verification process which leaves no grain of sand unaccounted for. 

Our App design has been reformed for the optimum ease of our user’s journey, where from point A to point Z, the experience is the smoothest you’ll get on any peer-to-peer marketplace. 

We have also bumped up our customer service support, delivery method and even bringing our users more sustainable packaging! The vendi team has been really busy bringing you a lot of upgrades and we will continue doing so. 

With our upgraded features which you can discover on vendi, you can keep buying and selling tech devices with peace of mind, knowing that your time, money and product is fully protected.

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